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Meeting Date: 5/22/02-5/22/02

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The committee will hear an informal review of ongoing activities associated with electronic products. Following the overview, FDA will discuss its concern about radiation doses associated with x-ray computed tomography (CT), and its current thinking about amending the U.S. performance standard for x-ray CT imaging procedures. Specifically FDA will address possible requirements for: (1) definition and standardization of CT terminology; (2) display of an index of patient radiation dose that could be automatically recorded within a facility quality assurance program; (3) automatic exposure control through modulation of x-ray tube output according to patient dimensions; and (4) limitation of the x-ray field size to that needed for image formation. In the afternoon, FDA will discuss proposed amendments to the U.S. performance standard for sunlamp products and certain initiatives of international standards organizations concerning sunlamp products. In the final session, FDA will be considering mandatory standards for x-ray security screening systems; FDA will discuss public health considerations regarding these systems that use ionizing radiation.


Location: Hilton Gaithersburg, MD Related News Links: Not Available
Time: 1:00AM-1:00AM    

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